Such a gifted musician...O’Connor delivers songs in such an aching, sweet voice.
— Rosanne Cash
Wisewater’s original acoustic pop remains grounded in ways that elude many of their less rigorously schooled contemporaries. Their songs may be moody, dark, or ethereal in ways shared with those peers, but the melodies are strong and memorable, and their finely detailed instrumental work gives them a wide-ranging and expansive palette.
— The Nashville Scene
[Wisewater] makes beautiful music. The sound of their combined voices is heavenly. The music pouring out of these souls is truly angelic, and it has been my great pleasure to have been able to play with them on several occasions. With them you get world-class musicianship, professionalism, and deep feeling.
— Mary Gauthier
I love it. Their songwriting is skillful, insightful, and evocative. Kate’s voice is both soulful and sweet and blends effortlessly with Forrest’s clear, clean tenor. Their music is joyful, beautiful, and intentional. Wisewater, I’m listening, I ‘hear you,’ and I look forward to hearing your singing, songwriting, and playing for a long, long time to come.
— John Cowan